ABUD is proud to supply & install a range of standard and custom products. This product range includes Bridges, Boardwalks, Viewing Platforms and Restrooms. We are also currently developing a range of street furniture that mixes both modern and classic designs. ABUD reserves no limits when it comes to materialising custom designs. We enjoy taking on new challenges and broadening our horizons.


ABUD is happy to offer clients the ability to choose an existing product or have our designers work on custom projects for them. We take pride in our ability to be flexible when our clients request something special.

Our designers are fully capable in 3D modelling in Solidworks. We know we can meet your design requirements by using 2D, 3D and real world prototypes to produce functional and appealing designs.


ABUD is capable of producing small items such as custom fittings or hardware and large items such as pedestrian bridges. This is due to its highly trained staff and its wide range of machinery.
ABUD offers its clients proven, efficient and effective methods of fabrication. ABUD’s employees have a deep understanding of processing and fabrication. This extensive experience yields knowledge of how to maximise strength and aesthetics as well as reduce risk of injury in every product we design and manufacture.


ABUD is a new division of Wardrope and Carroll. Wardrope and Carroll have completed many projects for government bodies such as local councils, RTA, Department of fair trading and Sydney Water. Some of these projects include Bridges, Boardwalks, Viewing Platforms, Restrooms and our new range of street furniture. Our aim for ABUD is to serve these government clients as a separate entity and become a competitive force in these areas of manufacturing and construction.

Parent Company, Wardrope & Carroll

Wardrope & Carroll Engineering has a large fully equipped high head Room Fabrication workshop with
large Guillotines, Press Brakes, Benders, Pan Brakes, Plate Rollers, Radial Drills, Milling Machines,
Centre Lathes, Pipe Bending Machines, Rotators, Plasma Cutting Machines, welding machines
including GTAW, MMAW & GMAW as well as spot welding and Oxy Acetylene Welding and cutting
equipment, bandsawing & Coldsaw.

Our tradesmen are fully qualified & our certified welders are qualified to weld all alloys & carbon steel.
We manufacture & fabricate to all client specifications and Australian Standards.

From a small Copper smithing partnership started up in Darling Harbour in 1935 as
Wardrope & Carroll Coppersmiths with a staff of three, the company has grown into a large well
equipped metal fabrication & engineering business now located at Kirrawee in Sydney's south.